Wedding Enquiry

St Paul's Longridge Wedding


Congratulations on your engagement and decision to get married! This is an exciting time for you and your fiancée, we hope that the information on this page will help you in the planning of your wedding as you start this exciting journey together.

Who can marry here?

If you of your fiancée live in the Parish it is normally possible for your marriage to take place in St. Paul’s or St Lawrence, Longridge. If you don’t live in Longridge you will need to prove a link with the Parish (perhaps having lived in Longridge previously or having parents resident here.

Marriage Preparation.

Due to the high regard in which the church holds marriage, and after you have confirmed your marriage date with us, we expect every couple to do a short marriage preparation course (normally one day) which will help to better prepare you and your fiancée for your new life together.
A really helpful website that contains a wealth of resources is

Further information and Costs

For more information please contact Rev Mike Barton on 01772 783281 or  email and  we can discuss your day in more detail and the costs involved.