Baptism Enquiry

The Baptism of your Child Baptism Enquiry


Thank you for your enquiry about the baptism of your child at Longridge Church. We want this occasion to be as joyful and as meaningful for you and your family as possible, we try really hard to make each baptism very special.

What’s it all about?

Baptism is the time when we give thanks for the wonderful gift of your child, the time when God blesses them in a very special way and the point at which they become a member of God’s church along with millions of other Christians around the world.

What about the promises?

As part of the Baptism service the parents and Godparents will make some promises which are about three things:

1. You promise to set the child a good example by the way you live your life.

2. You promise to pray for your child.

3. You promise to encourage them in the Christian faith, for example by bringing them to the Church family services, reading childrens Bible stories to them and praying with them.

When will the Baptism take place?

Here at Longridge you have a choice about what type of Baptism service you would like.

1. We do Baptisms in the main Sunday service on the 4th Sunday of each month. Here the whole church family share in this wonderful occasion with you.

2. Alternatively, we have baptisms on the 1st, 3rd & 4th Sundays of the month at 12:00noon. This is a service just for Baptism families although one or two other church members will also be there to share in this occasion with you. If you choose this option you will be invited back to a family service at a later date, to receive the Baptism candle and certificate from the other children within the church family at the end of a family service.

What do I do now?

As part of the preparation for the Baptism of your child we ask that you come to church one Sunday morning before hand. It only seems right that you come and see us, before your child becomes a member. We can assure you that you and your family will be made most welcome. The best service to come to is the family service on the 2 nd Sunday of the month at 10:00am, although you will of course be welcome at any service. We also ask that you complete the enclosed form and return it to as soon as possible.

What about the names of the Godparents?

Once a month after the 10:00am family service at about 11:15am we have a short meeting with Baptism families, in order to fill in the application form and take you through the service, this takes about 20 minutes. Most families, choose to make that the day when they come to church and then stay on for the short meeting. Revd John will be at that meeting and he can confirm a date and time with you then for the Baptism service. T

The family service happens on the second Sunday of each month.

If you require any more information please contact Rev Mike on 01772  783281 or  email


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